Releasing the addicted and hurting into the grace and freedom of God

F&FM operates as the non-profit organization of the music ministry of Allan Scott. As an ex-drug addict and alcoholic, Allan has seen God restore the pieces of his broken life. Allan shares his story of hope and freedom through Christ at ministry events in prisons, drug rehabs, camps and churches across the country using a mix of original music, teaching, testimony, and times of response.

Releasing people into grace

Found and Favored Ministries is about releasing people into the grace of God. While ministering last year at 110 events, we met folks struggling with addiction, guilt and condemnation. They weren’t sure if God really loved them or if God was indeed for them.

But through a combination of inspiring testimony, biblical teaching, powerful worship, and times of response, we shared the message of God’s grace and hope through the cross of Jesus Christ. As a result, folks were released into the freedom of God.

Releasing people into freedom

This is important because at any ministry event, a certain number of people are struggling with substance abuse, and beyond that, more are struggling with a different addiction. Feeling trapped, hopeless, and ashamed, they may be afraid of admitting their struggle. We certainly understand them, as Allan has shared all around the country his testimony of freedom from addiction through hope in Jesus Christ.

F&FM needs you!

Here’s the irony—many of the places that need us the most can’t cover the ministry costs of putting on an event. But your one-time or ongoing donation will help F&FM cover travel, equipment, and personnel expenses. Your support allows us to say yes to the people in desperate need of being set free.

In addition to funding the event, your support allows F&FM to create original grace-based music and media that will affect people long after the event. Music can powerfully impart a message that is life-giving and focused on Jesus. Your one-time or ongoing donation helps offset recording and production costs.

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