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$90,000 GOAL

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$90,000 GOAL


Imagine…a revival sweeping the country, radically impacting drug addicts and bringing the hope of Jesus to the hurting and struggling.

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This is our heart. And over this past year, in the midst of all the uncertainty and chaos sweeping the nation, God has given us the desire to create a national tour specifically for the addicted, hurting and struggling. This will undoubtedly be the biggest task that we have ever attempted. But we believe that now more than ever, people need to experience the hope that Jesus gives. 

With that in mind, starting in the Fall of 2021 and continuing for as many years as God allows, ‘The Story Tour’ will be held in churches, community centers, prisons, and rehabs across the country. Each event will be a one-night musical journey featuring the hope-filled original music of ASB, live speakers, powerful testimonies & teaching, times of ministry and God stories from across the USA. Stories of freedom from addiction, depression and eating disorders. Stories of amazing healings and restored marriages. All designed to communicate one idea: with Jesus, your story isn’t over! This will be a powerful and unique experience for those who are hurting and addicted. 

In a study of 5,412 people, conducted by the CDC in July of 2020, 1 out of 4 people said they had thought about committing suicide during the 30 days preceding the survey. 13.3% said they were coping with the pandemic by using drugs and alcohol.* 

Domestic abuse numbers have skyrocketed. Many have lost family members, others have lost businesses and jobs, and many more are feeling hopeless. Inside the PA Department of Corrections, prisons have been in complete lockdown since March of 2020. Religious gatherings, family visitation, physical exercise in gym areas and other movements inside prisons have completely ceased or been severely restricted for an entire year. People are hurting more than ever before. We personally know a lot of people who have been crushed by 2020/2021. That’s why we believe the mission of Found & Favored Ministries & ‘The Story Tour’ is more important TODAY, and this year, than ever before.   


We can’t do it without you! This will be a ticketed event with ticket prices kept intentionally low. Large groups of tickets will be given away to those in drug rehabs and to those who can’t afford them but want to come. We will also bring the event free of charge to Prisons and Penitentiaries. We estimate the cost to develop and launch the tour will be around $80,000. In addition, around 40% of tickets will be given away free of charge. We want to continue to be able to bring this tour to places that need it the most, and provide free tickets to those who need them. Would you please consider supporting this project? When you do, you will be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of those who may be addicted, hurting or incarcerated. Thank you!

It is our goal to raise $80,000 launch costs + ongoing support which will help cover the costs of:

Offsetting Low Ticket Prices / Free Tickets To Those In Need / Penitentiary Events / Equipment /
Promotions / Travel Expenses / Venue Costs / Personnel Costs / Rehearsals / Video Work / Lighting 

With things beginning to re-open, we feel confident that live events will resume in the Fall! Currently, we have 11 events scheduled from Maine to Virginia to Michigan and locations in between during September to November 2021. We will be keeping the first run of our Fall “pilot” tour mostly to the eastern parts of the U.S.A. (*UPDATE We have scheduled several dates for Spring 2022!*) We plan on venturing westward later in 2022 as we see how things develop for the ministry. Penitentiaries are currently not allowing outside organizations to visit, but we anticipate that changing shortly! Our goal is to book 10 Story Tour events in penitentiaries in Dec 2021 / Jan 2022. We know that many in the prison system desperately need this type of ministry now more than ever, and we’re excited to see what God does in their lives!


Checks can be made payable to Found and Favored Ministries and mailed to:

277 Steeplechase Drive, Pleasant Gap, PA 16823